Bridal Makeup Guide

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Bridal Makeup guide

Your Bridal Makeup should be timeless!

20 years from now, you want to look back at your photographs and still feel the most beautiful version of you!  Keeping your own personalised style is  important.

Makeup should not be overpowering,  yet complimenting and enhancing all you gorgeous features is key.

  • Book your artist 6-12 months in advanced. Senior more experienced Makeup Artists and Hairstylists can get booked up to 18months in advanced for the seasonal months.
  • Arrange your trial 2-8 weeks before your wedding date.  Your artist analysis your inspiration images along with a discussion of your overall wedding theme, and gets to create the perfect look for you. Having the trial will benefit you and your artist, and give you one less thing to worry about on the day.
  • Make sure your Artists are going to travel to your venue on the wedding day.
  • Don’t have your makeup done in fluorescent lighting.  If you have a professional makeup artist coming to your home, arrange a trial during daylight, and sit in front of a big window which gets the most natural light through.
  • Wear a white/cream top to your trial and take pictures of yourself in natural day light. Do not use a flash.
  • Artists are experts, but we cannot read your mind. Bring references to your makeup trial, and try identify what it is you like from the images.  Remember to be realistic, Kim Kardashians skin tones, may not translate on you. Remember to keep your own personal style and not just chose a pretty picture.
  • The biggest bridal makeup myth:  You have to wear a lot of makeup for photos. No lovelies,  it does not need to be caked to appear in photos. Please do not let any artist tell you the latter.  A beautiful natural makeup, yes more than an everyday look, will read on camera.
  • It’s ok if you want the groom to have the necessary makeup grooming. Asking your makeup artist to even out any imperfections and combat shine.  The boys won’t even notice.
  • Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Speak up should you feel something does not quite compliment you.

Tell us if we have left something out and you would like future brides to know.

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