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Tanning Advice - Makeup by Lauren

Expert Tanning Advice using Caribbean Tanning Products

Step 1  : Prepare


Exfoliating is the most important step in  preparing  for the self tan. Pay attention to knees, elbows and ankles.


Ensure that you shave at least the day the before the application.

Always ensure that…

All perfumes, deodorants, lotions and creams are washed off.

Step 2 : Apply

Start from your lower legs. Apply tan up to the ankles. Spritzer application: Apply tan in circular motions. Tan in Can aerosol: Hold the can about 30cm away from the skin and spray. Spread the tan from the ankles onto your feet and apply to the rest of the body. Ensure that you blend over  the neck and jawline.

All Caribbean Tans can be applied to the face. Either spray lightly from 30cm away, or use your mitt and spread well. The last area to apply the tan is to your arms. Apply sparingly over wrists and underarms.

Always wash hands well after application.

Step 3: Maintain

A self tan can last up to 2 weeks if maintained correctly. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

MOISTURISE! Use a Body Butter or moisturiser every day to keep your skin moisturised and prevent flaking.



  1. Exfoliate at least 24 hrs before tanning.
  2. Choose a self tanning product that suits your skin tone.
  3. Moisturise daily so your tan last longer.
  4. Wear dark loose fitting clothing for the first 8 hours after application.



  1. Bath for long periods, rather shower.
  2. Towel dry yourself vigorously. Swim in chlorinated pools for long periods.
  3. Exercise  intensely for the first 24hrs (perspiring affects the tanning process.)
  4. Apply product directly to hands and feet.
  5. Shower before the products recommended curing time (min 8hrs)


 Self tanning is the healthy alternative to the sun. Staying out of the sun’s harmful UV rays can result in less skin wrinkling and damage.

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