Winter Makeup Tips

Beauty hack no 1:

The most suggested winter beauty hack every artist, expert, friend prescribes is to keep your skin hydrated all the time! In fact, mixing your moisturizer into your foundation will help keep your skin winter proof.
After your cleansing routine, spend a few extra minutes massaging your face with your moisturizer or essential oils to achieve the natural glow! Oils such a Sorbet specialist care facial tissue oils, Mac essential oils , Royale pomegranate seed oil, or Soil essential oils. Find what work best for your skin type.

This Winter, find your focus! Eyes, cheeks, or lips…

Eyes are the index of beauty, so play up your eyes by using warm rich tones, coppers, plums, rusts, bronzy effects. Keep your shades monochromatic and pair it with volumizing mascara’d lashes.  Shade your lid of the eyes as well and underneath to create a smokey effect.

Makeup by Lauren /blog /Winter makeup






Our Favourite Winter Lipsticks!

The classic red is a must in winter, as our skin gets paler it revives our look.  Matt or glossy, deep or bright,  a bolt of red lipstick can update your look instantly! Great reds are Chanel’s classic Pirate, Smashbox Matt Infrared, Mac’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red, Revlon’s Fire and Ice, just to name a few.

Makeup by Lauren / Blog / Winter Makeup





Or, you can never go wrong with a matt subdued lipstick. The subtle yet toned lips has always been a firm favourite for an every day look. These colours are worth looking into Smashbox Booked Matt, Smashbox Off Script, Estee Lauder The Sculptured Rose Lip, Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick.

Makeup by Lauren / Bog / Winter looks






The Blush effect!

These days it seems like blush gets sidelined as the shy sister, while the contouring and highlighting fad took over! Lest not forget this natural flushed effect achievable by a few strokes of a brush.  No need to go through the bloodletting procedures like the middle ages, or use deadly toxic pigments  like the Romans.

Pop on an extra bit of colour to the cheeks to create the inevitable winter natural flush.

My idol, Lisa Eldridge perfects this look every time!

Makeup by Lauren / Blog / Winter looks







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