Top 5 Favorite Hair Styling Products

Top 5 Favorite Hair Products - Makeup by Lauren Blog

Working with different hair types and styling tools, and creating hairstyles from television to weddings, I need a broad spectrum of hair styling products in my kit. Now I’m letting you in on my Top 5 favorites.


Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Mattifying powder:

This is my absolute go to product when hair is feeling flat. Having thin hair, this is a life saver. This gives you some serious volume. It does leave your roots feeling a little sticky, but layer it in mid section of your head. Also, an absolute must when needing texture to create than upstyle.

Makeup by Lauren Blog - Top 5 Hair Products

EVO Salty Dog – Cocktail beach spray

A unique mist spray for all hair types. Gives salty, beach-based texture to hair. Delivers a matte finish Soothing & refreshing. Leaves hair full & energetic creating the just woken up beach vibe. Yes! This is a must!

Makeup by Lauren Blog - Top 5 favorite hair products

Batiste Dry Shampoo:

This is no 1 seller in the UK for a reason. Batiste gives lifeless limp hair a second chance at being bold, full and beautiful. This hair care brand works quickly and easily freshening up your hair in between washes. The convenient wide range spray  on formulas instantly eliminate any greasy feeling while producing a voluminous finish.
In addition, we thought you might find this info graphic useful from Positive health Wellness on Why your Dry Shampoo is not working? 

Makeup by Lauren Blog - Top 5 Favorite Hair Products

Moroccan Oil Hydrating  Styling cream :

Moroccan oil Hydrating Styling Cream conditions, hydrates and tames frizzy hair. This leave-in, moisture-rich styling cream creates a soft, natural feel. Perfect for blow-drying, smoothing flyaways and refreshing styles the next day, this nourishing, argan oil-infused hair styling cream adds shine and definition with a soft hold.

Makeup by Lauren Blog - Top 5 Favorite Hair Products

L’Oreal Elnette Hair spray:

While it’s set many a red- carpet chignon, this spray is also essential for things like boho waves. The nozzle releases a really fine, even mist and the hair never gets crunchy and sticky. You can apply it, then brush through, and the hair will still have amazing hold.

Makeup by Lauren Blog - Top 5 Favorite Hair Products


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